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Crocheted Frames

Not all my frames are holiday frames. I'll be adding more frames that aren't holiday themed here soon. These can be ordered with or without a background. Since I have to do more than twice the work to make a background for them, the price will be doubled. I'll try to make samples of each one both ways, and post them when I have them ready. As always, everything can be made using the colors you pick.


Angel Fish (with background)

Size: Height 5.5 inches x Length 6 inches

$25.00 with background
$12.50 without background


Small Cactus (with background)

Size: Height 4.5 inches x Length 4.75 inches

$17.00 with background

$8.50 without background


Large Cactus (with background)

Size: Height 7.5 inches x Length 8.25 inches

$40.50 with background

$20.25 without background

Heartsong's Custom Crocheted Treasures